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With the Gravity Forms Cost Calculator, you can create dynamic and interactive forms that provide users with instant cost calculations or estimates. This is particularly useful for businesses or websites that offer products or services with variable pricing based on user selections or quantities.

Here are some key features and capabilities typically offered by the Gravity Forms Cost Calculator:

  1. Calculation Fields: This extension introduces calculation fields into your Gravity Forms forms. You can define these fields and specify mathematical formulas or expressions using variables and operators.
  2. Variable Inputs: Users can input values into the form, such as quantities, dimensions, or other parameters that affect the final cost calculation.
  3. Conditional Logic: The plugin allows you to incorporate conditional logic into the calculations. This means that you can set up different calculations based on specific conditions or user choices.
  4. Dynamic Updates: As users make changes or update input values, the cost calculation is automatically updated in real-time, providing instant feedback.
  5. Customizable Output: You can customize the display and formatting of the calculated cost or estimate. This might include adding currency symbols, decimal places, or any additional text.
  6. Integration with Gravity Forms: The extension seamlessly integrates with the Gravity Forms plugin, allowing you to leverage its form-building capabilities while adding cost calculation functionality.

Installation and settings plugin

  1. Require Gravity Forms
  2. Installation
  3. Settings

Require Gravity Forms – top

  1. Download:

Installation – top

  1. Upload the add-to-any directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Settings – top

Conditional If logic

Logical operators (==, !=, <, <, >=, <=) are supported, but logically they can only return true (1) or false (0). In order to leverage them, use the built in if function:

 if(Condition, ReturnIfTrue, ReturnIfFalse)

Date calculations- Days Between Dates Calculator

 date( {name_date1:11} -  {name_date2:21 }) 

{name_date1:11}, {name_date2:21 } name date picker