Document – Gravity Forms Range Slider Pro

A range slider is a type of input field that allows users to select a value within a specified range by sliding a handle or marker along a visual slider track.

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Plugin Installation

Download it here:

Once you’ve downloaded a plugin, you’ll need to install it on your website. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard. Navigate to the “Plugins” section and click on “Add New.” Search for the plugin by name and click “Install Now” once you find it.

After installation, click on “Activate” to activate the plugin.

How to add a range slider to your form?

Step 1: Create a new form.

Step 2: Navigate to Add Fields – Drag and drop the Slider button.

After adding the range slider field, you can customize its settings. You can adjust the range values, step size, labels, and other appearance options depending on your requirements.

Range slider settings

UI Skin to use

These are some skins we offer for your range sliders.

How to set single/double type?

The terms “single” and “double” refer to the number of handles or controls available on the slider. Here’s an explanation of the difference between single and double-range sliders:

  • Single Range Slider: has one handle that users can drag along the track to select a value within a predefined range. Users can position the handle anywhere within the range to indicate their desired value. Single range sliders are commonly used when you need users to select a single value within a range, such as selecting a specific price point or choosing a value on a scale.
  • Double Range Slider: also known as a dual-handle range slider, features two handles that users can independently manipulate to define a range between two values.  Users can customize the selected range by adjusting the positions of both handles. Double range sliders are useful when you want users to select a range of values, such as selecting a date range, specifying a budget range, or setting a range of quantities

To set, you just want to select Single or Double in the dropdown:

How to set single/double type?
Single and Double Range Sliders

How to set min/max value, range,start point, and slider step?

  • Min and Max Value: The min is the value from where the slider value will start, and the max is the value where the slider value ends. If you choose 200 as min and 1000 as max, the user can select a value in between this range.

Look for the Min/Max boxes and enter the minimum and maximum values for the range in the box. 

How to set min/max value for gravity range slider?
set min/max value for gravity range slider

  • Start points: This determines the initial position of the handles. Users can move the handles to select different values within the defined range.

Start point for Single Type: it just for the left handle

Start point for Single Type

Start point for Double Type: it is for both left and right handle

Start point for Double Type:

  • Set Slider StepThe slider step determines the increment or decrement when users slide the range slider handle. To set the step size, look for the “Step” option within the Field Options. Enter the desired numerical value for the step size.

For example, if you set the step size to 5, the slider will move in increments of 5 as users interact with it.

Set Slider Step for gravity range slider
Set Slider Step for gravity range slider

How to set custom values? (Customisable grid of values)

It means specifying a specific value or range of values (Customisable grid of values) that the user can select within the slider’s range. By setting a custom value, you can define specific points that the user can choose from, rather than allowing them to select any value within the entire range.


We create custom day values by typing in the check box below as format: Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat|Sun

Customisable grid of values for gravity range slider
Customisable grid of values for gravity range slider


We create custom day values by typing in the check box below in the format: 9|99|999|9999

Customisable grid of values for gravity range slider

How to set handle control for Double Type?

Handle control allows you to define the starting position of the left and right handles on the slider. You can only move within this range.

For the left handles: you can move from 200 to 400

set handle control for gravity range slider

For the right handle: you can move from 600 to 800

How to set handle control for gravity range slider
set handle control for gravity range slider

How to set prefixes, postfixes, and your separators?

Fill the icon, text…into the blank spot.

Table Settings

Basic setup
typedata-type“single”stringChoose slider type, could be single – for one handle, or double for two handles
mindata-min10numberSet slider minimum value
maxdata-max100numberSet slider maximum value
fromdata-fromminnumberSet start position for left handle (or for single handle)
todata-tomaxnumberSet start position for right handle
Advanced setup
stepdata-step1numberSet sliders step. Always > 0. Could be fractional.
valuesdata-valuesEg: 2||4|6|8arraySet up your own array of possible slider values. They could be numbers or strings. If the values array is set up, minmax and step param, are no longer can be changed.
keyboarddata-keyboardtruebooleanActivates keyboard controls. Move left: ←, ↓, A, S. Move right: →, ↑, W, D.
Grid setup
griddata-gridfalsebooleanEnables grid of values.
grid_margindata-grid-margintruebooleanSet left and right grid borders.
grid_numdata-grid-num4numberNumber of grid units.
grid_snapdata-grid-snapfalsebooleanSnap grid to sliders step (step param). If activated, grid_num will not be used.
Interval control
drag_intervaldata-drag-intervalfalsebooleanAllow user to drag whole range. Only in double type
min_intervaldata-min-intervalnumberSet minimum diapason between sliders. Only in double type
max_intervaldata-max-intervalnumberSet maximum diapason between sliders. Only in double type
Handles control
from_fixeddata-from-fixedfalsebooleanFix position of left (or single) handle.
from_mindata-from-minminnumberSet minimum limit for left handle.
from_maxdata-from-maxmaxnumberSet the maximum limit for left handle
from_shadowdata-from-shadowfalsebooleanHighlight the limits for left handle
to_fixeddata-to-fixedfalsebooleanFix position of right handle.
to_mindata-to-minminnumberSet the minimum limit for right handle
to_maxdata-to-maxmaxnumberSet the maximum limit for right handle
to_shadowdata-to-shadowfalsebooleanHighlight the limits for right handle
UI control
skindata-skin“flat”stringChoose UI skin to use
hide_min_maxdata-hide-min-maxfalsebooleanHides min and max labels
hide_from_todata-hide-from-tofalsebooleanHide from and to labels
force_edgesdata-force-edgesfalsebooleanSlider will be always inside it’s container.
extra_classesdata-extra-classesstringTraverse extra CSS-classes to slider container
blockdata-blockfalsebooleanLocks slider and makes it inactive (visually). input is NOT disabled. Can still be send with forms.
Prettify numbers
prettify_enableddata-prettify-enabledtruebooleanImprove readability of long numbers. 10000000 → 10 000 000
prettify_separatordata-prettify-separator” “stringSet up your own separator for long numbers. 10 000, 10.000, 10-000 etc.
prettify—nullfunctionSet up your own prettify function. Can be anything. For example, you can set up unix time as slider values and than transform them to cool looking dates.
prefixdata-prefixstringSet prefix for values. Will be set up right before the number: $100
postfixdata-postfixstringSet postfix for values. Will be set up right after the number: 100k
max_postfixdata-max-postfixstringSpecial postfix, used only for maximum value. Will be showed after handle will reach maximum right position. For example 0 — 100+
decorate_bothdata-decorate-bothtruebooleanUsed for “double” type and only if prefix or postfix was set up. Determine how to decorate close values. For example: $10k — $100k or $10 — 100k
values_separatordata-values-separator” — “stringSet your own separator for close values. Used for double type. Default: 10 — 100. Or you may set: 10 to 100, 10 + 100, 10 → 100 etc.
Data control
input_values_separatordata-input-values-separator” ; “stringSeparator for double values in input value property. Default FROM;TO. Only for double type
disabledata-disablefalsebooleanLocks slider and makes it inactive. input is disabled too. Invisible to forms.