Document – Contact Form 7 Color or Image Swatches

This plugin allows you to create custom product fields, including color or image swatches. This enhances the user experience and allows users to make selections based on visuals rather than plain text.

Here are some key features and capabilities typically offered by Contact Form 7 Color or Image Option Swatches:

  1. Visual Representation: This add-on replaces the default form field options with visual representations using color swatches or image thumbnails. Instead of plain text or dropdown menus, users can see and select options visually, which can enhance the user experience and make the form more engaging.
  2. Color Swatches: If you’re using color options, this add-on provides the ability to display color swatches as the selection choices. Users can see the available colors and select their preferred option by clicking on the corresponding swatch.
  3. Image Thumbnails: If you’re using image options, this add-on allows you to display image thumbnails instead of plain text or dropdown options. Users can see the images associated with each selection and make their choice by clicking on the desired thumbnail.
  4. Customization Options: Contact Form 7 Color or Image Option Swatches typically provides customization options to style and configure the appearance of the swatches or thumbnails. You can often adjust the size, shape, colors, and other visual aspects to match your form design or branding requirements.
  5. Compatibility and Integration: This add-on is designed to work seamlessly with the Contact Form 7 plugin, allowing you to integrate color or image option swatches into your existing forms. It is often compatible with other Contact Form 7 features like conditional logic, calculations, and form notifications.

Installation and settings plugin

  1. Require contact form 7
  2. Installation
  3. New form
  4. Send email image

Require contact form 7 – top

  1. Download:

Installation – top

  1. Upload the add-to-any directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

New form – top

New contact form -> click the button “Color Swatches, Image Swatches, or Text Swatches.

Send email image – top

New contact form -> click tab “email”->”Message Body”-> tick “Use HTML content type”