Different Ways to Use WPForms Repeater Fields

In this article, we’ll also take a closer look into some ways you can use a WPForms repeater field to improve user satisfaction on your site.

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Why You Should Use Them on Your Site?

As you may already know, Repeater Field allows users to add new repeating fields with a single click of the ADD button and erase data with a single click of the X button. It enables us to simply collect additional information from users without making the form appear cluttered or difficult to fill out.

Assuming that in many situations you do not know how many fields the user needs to enter enough information. Giving users the ability to add additional information fields themselves can help them feel fulfilled and easily pass on information completely and accurately. When you have adequate data, they will assist you in getting things done more efficiently.

Using WPForms Repeater Fields in Many Approaches

There are different ways you can use WPForms repeater fields to boost the overall user experience on your page. Let’s explore a few examples.

E.g.1: Employment History

When users apply to your company, you can let them include supplementary employment history so that it’s easier to evaluate applicants without packing everything into a single text area.

employment history repeater fields
employment history repeater fields wpforms

E.g.2: Add Traveller Details

You work for a travel agency, and you want your customers to fill out information about other tourists who will be joining them.

traveller details repeater fields wpforms
traveller details repeater fields

E.g.3: Attendee Information

You would like your business partner to fill in the blanks with details on who will be attending the event.

Attendee Information repeater fields
Attendee Information repeater fields wpforms

E.g.4: Emergency Contact Number

Whenever people join up for your tour/race, you can allow them to provide other relatives’ contact details so that you can be phoned in an emergency.

example of wpforms repeater
example of wpforms repeater fields- emergency contact number

Video Demo

Set up WPForms Repeater Fields Today

With the repeater add-on, you can easily add repeating sections to the forms on your WordPress site.

So why not give it a try and see what you can create on your WordPress site with WPForms Repeater Fields?

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