How to export Gravity Forms entries to PDF?

If you want to take your Gravity Forms submissions and export them to PDF files, this post will guide you on how to achieve that without requiring any technical knowledge.

Why export Gravity Forms data to PDF?

The PDF file format is one of the most widespread in use today. Here are some of the top reasons to export Gravity Forms data to PDF.

  • Professional Presentation: PDFs provide a professional and standardized format for presenting data. By exporting form entries to PDF, you can create well-formatted documents that are easy to read and share with others.
  • Data Archiving: PDFs offer a reliable way to archive and store form entries. By exporting form data to PDF, you can create a permanent record that can be accessed and referenced in the future. This ensures that entry data cannot be changed when sent to third parties.
  • Offline Access: PDFs can be easily downloaded and accessed offline.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: PDFs are widely supported and can be easily shared with others. You can distribute the data to those who may not have direct access to your WordPress site or the Gravity Forms plugin.
  • Document Integration: PDFs can be easily integrated into other systems or workflows. For example, you can attach PDFs to emails, upload them to document management systems or merge them with other documents or reports.

Easily convert your Gravity Forms entries into PDF

The Gravity PDF plugin allows you to turn your Gravity Forms data into customized PDFs that you can download or email.

Today we will introduce to you a plugin that we have used and has had good results. All you need to do is download the plugin here.

After installing, navigate to your Form and click on Form Settings. Here you’ll see a new tab called “PDF Creator” which allows you to configure new PDF exports.

Choosing Add new to customize PDF exports:

convert Gravity Forms entries into PDF

Every time a user submits your form, the plugin generates a new PDF file for that entry. You can also set up automatic emails, allowing you to attach PDF files to notifications for sending to the user or administrator.

Look at our example:

Fill out the form

Get the PDF file

We hope this video helps you find out how to export Gravity Forms data to PDF.