Document – Ninja forms – HubSpot CRM Integration

The plugin has the ability to import/capture customers from Ninja Forms! To automatically add/update Ninja Forms submissions to your HubSpot CRM! Have full control over what is sent, and when it is sent to get all the data you need.


Get the API token

Goto menu “CRM Marketing” -> “Configuration”->”HubSpot” and click “Get authorization code” button

Choose account
Access token

Maps Forms with HubSpot

Goto menu CRM Marketing -> Choose the form

Maps Form with HubSpot

Submit form and send data to HubSpot

Choose the form and submit the plugin will send data to HubSpot

View Logs

Goto menu CRM Marketing -> Logs

That’s it! We hope this article helped you learn how to use Hubspot CRM with your Ninja Forms.