Document – Elementor Foms Repeater Field

This feature allows users to dynamically add multiple sets of fields to the form, making it ideal for capturing information that may vary in quantity, such as multiple items, services, or participants.

These repeating fields can include various input types, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, or dropdown menus. Users can dynamically add or remove sets of these fields as needed, allowing for a flexible and customizable form experience

Getting started

Ensure you installed and activated the plugin.

Repeater fields settings

 How to build repeatable blocks of fields?

Simply set the Repeater Start Field as the Field Type of the item number you want to be the start of your repeaters, and every next item, until the Repeater End Field is chosen, will become a repeatable item.

E.g: If you want to repeat the Guest Field (including first name, last name, age, phone). You put Repeater Start above the First name field and Repeater End behind the Phone field.

How to set the title before each row of the repeater?

At the Repeater Start Field, An optional title before each row of the repeater, change it and show index.

How to limit repeated fields?

At the Repeater End Field, put the repetitive number in the “Limit” box

E.g: If you want to repeat the Guest Field up to three times. Put the number 3 in the box

How to show the number of repeated rows at start?

At the Repeater End Field, enter the number of repeated rows you want to show first in “Initial rows”

How to change the add button text?

At the Repeater End Field, modify the text in the “Add button text” box

How to send data to email and view the entry

The plugin will auto-add in [all-fields] or you can use the shortcode in tag End Field

View data Submissions

Elementor doesn’t support preview HTML, you can copy HTML in Submission and pate

Demo Video

That’s it! We hope this article helped you find out how to add Repeater fields to your forms.