Document – Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Pro – Preview Submission

This plugin allows users to preview their form submissions before finalizing and submitting them.

Here are some key features and capabilities typically offered by Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Pro – Preview Submission:

  1. Multi-Step Form: This extension enables the creation of multi-step forms using Contact Form 7. Instead of presenting all form fields on a single page, multi-step forms break them down into multiple sections or steps, enhancing usability and user experience.
  2. Preview Submission: The Preview Submission feature allows users to review their form entries before actually submitting them.
  3. Customizable Preview: The add-on typically provides options to customize the appearance and layout of the submission preview. You can define the preview template, including which form fields are displayed and how they are presented, to match the design of your website or to meet your specific requirements.
  4. Improved User Experience: By incorporating a multi-step form and preview submission feature, this extension enhances the user experience by breaking down complex forms into manageable steps and providing users with a chance to verify and correct their entries before submitting. This can help reduce form abandonment, increase form completion rates, and improve the accuracy of submitted data.

Installation and settings plugin

  1. Require Contact Form 7
  2. Installation
  3. New form and settings step
  4. Change text( Next, Previous, First) and color, background
  5. Confirm last step

Require Contact Form 7 – top

  1. Download:

Installation – top

  1. Upload the add-to-any directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

New form and settings step – top

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is settings-1030x636.png

Change text button( Next, Previous, First) and color, background – top

Click “Settings Multistep” and change it

Confirm the last step – top

  1. Add content tab [step_confirm]
  2. Save form
  3. Click “Settings Multistep” and enter the title “Settings Step Confirm”

That’s it! We hope this article helped you find out how to use Multistep with Contact form 7.