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Do you seek a plugin that makes calculations? Look no further than The Best WordPress Add-ons

With the calculations functionality in WPForms, it is possible to create precise quote forms, calculate taxes or VAT, calculator tools (such as a mortgage calculator), and many other forms.

You can learn more about what you can create using calculations and how these forms might be useful in our thorough guide to WPForms calculations.

Following that, we’ll provide a general step-by-step overview of using calculations in WPForms along with some specific use case tutorials for some of the most popular kinds of calculation forms.

Table of contents:

Benefits of Using Calculator WPForms

Suppose you’re organizing an event with different pricing options, such as early bird rates, regular rates, and VIP packages. With WPForms and the Calculator add-on, you can create an event registration form that allows users to select their preferred ticket type. The add-on can calculate the total cost based on the selected options and display it to the user. 

Do you already see how helpful using the calculator may be?

Let’s explore the advantages of using this plugin in more detail.

The Calculator WPForms add-on provides several key benefits:

  • Easy Calculation Functionality: The add-on allows you to create complex calculations and perform mathematical operations within your WPForms. You can set up formulas and equations using various fields and operators to automate calculations.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By incorporating a calculator within your forms, you can create interactive and dynamic experiences for your users. They can input values, see real-time calculations, and obtain instant results, making the form submission process more engaging and user-friendly.
  • Time and Effort Savings: The Calculator add-on helps automate calculations that would otherwise require manual processing. It can handle complex calculations, such as pricing calculations, product configurations, or quote estimations, reducing the time and effort required from both users and form administrators.
  • Error Reduction: By utilizing the Calculator add-on, you can minimize human errors in calculations. Since the calculations are automated based on predefined formulas, there is less chance of miscalculations or inconsistencies in the results, leading to improved accuracy.
  • Versatile Use Cases: The Calculator add-on is flexible and can be used for various purposes. It can be integrated into order forms, payment forms, donation forms, booking forms, and many other types of forms where calculations are required. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.
  • Integration with WPForms Ecosystem: The Calculator add-on seamlessly integrates with WPForms, a popular form builder plugin for WordPress. It leverages the intuitive drag-and-drop interface of WPForms, allowing you to easily set up and customize your forms with calculation functionality.

How to set up the WPForms Calculator add-on? 

Step 1: Install and Activate Plugin

After downloading the plugin, it’ll be saved as ZIP files on your device.

Installing Calculator WPForms is easy and similar to installing any other WordPress plugin. Now, go back to the WordPress dashboard and open Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin, choose the ZIP files, then install and activate it.

Step 2: Create a New Form

To get started, go to WPForms → Add New to create a new form. 

You can start from a blank form or choose one of the existing templates to add calculations to.

create a new form

Step 3: Drop Calculator Fields for settings

drop down calculator fields

Enter the formula in the box

formula box

when you type, suggested functions will appear.


You can switch on this option to enable using Number Format.

number format wpforms

Calculator Templates

With the growing e-commerce platforms and fierce competition, everything must be done promptly.

Therefore, using calculator functions on your website to provide users with quick calculation results will contribute to improving user experience as well as revenue and business efficiency.

In this post, we’ll show you different ways to perform WPForms calculations.

For this first use case-specific calculation tool, let’s look at how to create a Tip Calculator.

Tip Calculator

The Tip Calculator template might be useful for platforms that enable online ordering, food delivery, or websites for the restaurant and service industries. Customers can input the total of their order and choose a tip % to get the final price, which includes the tip.

  • Add two Number Format fields under the Bill and Tip Percentage label. Choose symbols $ and % respectively. 
  • Drop down two Calculator fields under Tip Amount and Total label.
  • Enter Tip Amount formula from Field Options:
( {field_id="36"}/100)* {field_id="35"}


{field_id=”36″}: ID of Tip Percentage

{field_id=”35″}: ID of Bill

< ID will be displayed when you click on Show smart tags>

enter formula
  • Enter Total formula from Field Options:
{field_id="35"}+ {field_id="37"}


{field_id=”37″}: ID of Tip Amount

  • Insert a Number field named Number of people splitting the bill and a Calculator field named Per Person.
insert fields
  • Enter Per Person formula from Field Options:
{field_id="38"}/ {field_id="39"}


{field_id=”38″}: ID of Total

{field_id=”39″}: ID of Number of people splitting the bill

  • Save and test your calculation.
Tip Calculator
Tip Calculator Template

Integrating this calculator into your checkout process can provide transparency and convenience for customers when deciding on an appropriate tip.

Interest Rate Form

In summary, a Bank Interest Rate Form is beneficial whenever you want to provide users with information about interest rates offered by banks or financial institutions. It can be used for savings account or investment comparisons, loan or credit card applications, or financial education and comparison websites. The form helps users access interest rate information conveniently and facilitates decision-making in financial matters.

For example, you deposit $50,000 in a bank with a term of 6 months, interest rate 5%. Calculate the monthly interest received and after 6 months deposit.

  • Add 3 Number Format fields. Change label to Deposit, Period, Interest Rate
Add 3 Number Format fields. Change label to Deposit, Period, Interest Rate
  • Insert 2 Calculator fields under Monthly Interest Rate and Interest Rate after 6 Months
Insert 2 Calculator fields under Monthly Interest Rate and Interest Rate after 6 Months
  • Set formula in:

At Monthly Interest Rate:

( {field_id="46"}*( {field_id="48"}/100))/12


{field_id=”46″}: ID of Deposit

{field_id=”48″}: ID of Interest Rate

At Interest Rate after 6 Months:

(( {field_id="46"}*( {field_id="48"}/100))/12)* {field_id="47"}


{field_id=”47″}: ID of Period

  • Save and have a preview
BMI Calculator Form
BMI Calculator Form

BMI Calculator Form

BMI Calculator is useful in various contexts related to health, fitness, and wellness. It provides users with a quick and accessible way to calculate their BMI, allowing them to assess their weight status and make informed decisions regarding their health and fitness goals.

  • Create fields: Weight(type:number), Height(type:number), BMI Calculator(type:calculator)
  • Place formula

At BMI Calculator field:



field_d953e95: ID of Weight

field_c6d91bb: ID of Height

  • Save and Have a look!

Supported symbols – top

+Addition Operator eg. 2+3 results 5
Subtraction Operator eg. 2-3 results -1
/Division operator eg 3/2 results 1.5
*Multiplication Operator eg. 2*3 results 6
ModModulus Operator eg. 3 Mod 2 results 1
(Opening Parenthesis
)Closing Parenthesis
SigmaSummation eg. Sigma(1,100,n) results 5050
PiProduct eg. Pi(1,10,n) results 3628800
nVariable for Summation or Product
piMath constant pi returns 3.14
eMath constant e returns 2.71
CCombination operator eg. 4C2 returns 6
PPermutation operator eg. 4P2 returns 12
!factorial operator eg. 4! returns 24
loglogarithmic function with base 10 eg. log 1000 returns 3
lnnatural log function with base e eg. ln 2 returns .3010
powpower function with two operator pow(2,3) returns 8
^power operator eg. 2^3 returns 8
rootunderroot function root 4 returns 2
sinSine function
cosCosine function
tanTangent function
asinInverse Sine funtion
acosInverse Cosine funtion
atanInverse Tangent funtion
sinhHyperbolic Sine funtion
coshHyperbolic Cosine funtion
tanhHyperbolic Tangent funtion
asinhInverse Hyperbolic Sine funtion
acoshInverse Hyperbolic Cosine funtion
atanhInverse Hyperbolic Tangent funtion

Use cases – top

2+3-14Addition and Subtraction operator
2*5/101Multiplication and Division operator
tan45 or tan(45)1Trigonometric Function ( tan in Degree mode)
tan45 or tan(45)1.619775190543862Trigonometric Function ( tan in Radian mode)
Pi1,15,n or Pi(1,15,n)1307674368000Product of Sequence
Sigma1,15,n or Sigma(1,15,n)120Sum of Sequence( also called summation)
2^38Exponent( note this operator is left associative like MS Office)
5P360Permutaion Method to calculate all the permutaions
sincostan90 or sin(cos(tan(90)))0.017261434031253Multiple functions with or without parenthesis (both works)

Wrapping up

In this article, we’ve shown you a few helpful ways to make your own WPForms calculations. It’s a powerful plugin with a lot of versatility. We suggest using all of its advanced features to get the most value out of your purchase.
So don’t forget to add the WPForms Cost Calculator add-on to make it easier than ever to create custom forms with calculations to place on your site.

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